Reel Vintage, LLC

A little bit about Reel Vintage.

Reel Vintage, which opened midsummer 2015, is run by longtime vintage and film collector Jenn Jarecki - that's me. I'm so pleased to share my appreciation for quality vintage and (mostly) quality films with you and thank you for visiting my little shop.

My pieces, which range in date from the Edwardian period through 1998, accentuate aspects of femininity that I consider empowering (always) and erotic (on occasion). At times this aim is as obvious as a satin, bias-cut Jean Harlow-inspired gown from the 1930s, and at other times is less overtly feminine, reminiscent of Diane Keaton's trouser and tie period that started in the 1970s. 

Vintage, like anything and everything, is political (feminism, economic inequality, and environment degradation are all players, to name just a few), and I embrace rather than eschew this plain fact. It should be noted that, regardless of the particularly of the shop's pieces, Reel Vintage embraces the LGBTQIA community and all gender identities. Additionally, a portion of sales support independent media, a vital and threatened community resource. Reel Vintage is a proud annual supporter of both Democracy Now! and our local Vermont Public Radio. 

If you are looking for anything in particular, have questions about the shop, or want to chat gender/environmental/labor politics, please do get in touch, I'm always pleased to connect with clients. 

Looking for more Reel Vintage?

Find Reel Vintage Shop on Etsy as ReelVintageShop, as well as on Instagram as @reelvintageshop and Facebook as Reel Vintage Shop. For those in the Vermont area, my casual wear can be found in Burlington at The Vault Collective VT (145 Cherry Street) and bridal wear in Winooski at Nectar & Root (7 West Canal Street). I also pop-up around New England, so be sure to stay tuned to IG for the very latest. 

What does "inspired by" really mean?

Our pieces are not exact costume replicas, but rather inspired by certain characters, genres, eras, actors, and/or films. Accordingly, unless we're really lucky, you won't find a precise outfit match, but instead pieces that reference the aforementioned characteristics that "inspire" them. Since I'm drawn to a variety of styles, silhouettes, and patterns, not all pieces may have an "inspired-by" in their listing. 

Hey Jenn, why aren't there more film pics?

The short answer: Johnny Law.

Reel Vintage doesn't want to infringe upon the rights of the studios that own most of the images that inspire our pieces. 

Any of the film and publicity stills that you do find on this site are part of the public domain. To those who have shared their images publicly, I'm most grateful.